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A Georgia family is in a “race against time” to find a kidney donor for a father of two and 24-year police veteran who faces fatal renal failure.

Raleigh Callaway, a 49-year-old father of two and long-time investigator with the Greensboro Police Department in Georgia, recently learned that he has “Stage 5” kidney failure, his wife told

"It’s the end stage," Kristi Callaway said. "We’re in desperate need for a match."

The Callaways, who have two daughters, ages 2 and 4, went public with their plea on Wednesday, launching a Facebook page called, “Our Daddy Needs a Kidney.” The social media page has garnered nearly 4,000 followers since it was created less than 48 hours ago.

Callaway, who has had chronic kidney disease for about 10 years, is being treated at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. As of 10:30 a.m. Friday, the transplant center received 300 phone calls from prospective donors wanting to be tested, Callaway’s wife said.

Since learning of her husband’s grave condition this week, Kristi Callaway said, “We are just going full speed ahead hoping and praying that he is going to get a match sooner rather than later.”

Callaway explained the complexity involving kidney donations, saying, “It only takes one donor, but it takes a lot of people to be tested to find that match.”

Our girls adore their Daddy as if he hung the sun, moon and stars. Our girls deserve to have their father walk them down the aisle, and he can’t bear the thought of not seeing them on their wedding day. A new kidney would give him the life and time needed to witness the birth of our grandchildren. One person, just one person, could change our entire family’s lives forever.

Please, if you’re willing to find out if you’re the one who could be a match, reach out to me. God bless each person who took the time to read this. The number to call Emory Transplant is 855-366-7989. Let them know you’d like to be tested as a donor match for Raleigh Callaway. His dob is 3/5/65. They prefer the donor call them so they know the donor isn’t being pressured. Thank you so very much! Please share with your friends, so we can reach as many potential donors as possible!” ~Kristi Callaway

my mood is so thoroughly down that i can’t even eat. i have no appetite

i really hope tomorrow’s the day where everything starts to get better. i really hope, i really really hope

but why would your blankets have spills, did you wash it? (I’m not going to assume you live near your washer, bc if that is true Imma call child services)

Brother had a drink he spilled, just an accident

aw no, what is happening?

washer isn’t working. or well, it is, but it’s constantly spraying water out when it shouldn’t. dad says he’s gonna tamper with the part a bit to try and fix it, and if not fix it at least let it work until we can get a replacement.

everything is just stressful and awful i’ve cried a solid hour today and i am beat

I’m just gonna make sure the spill on my blanket is at my feet and not my head

I literally can’t sleep without this blanket. it’s the only one that completely covers me

If worse comes to worse, I guess I can use my bedsheets as a blanket. that’s the only other thing we have that covers me up

Any chance you guys can just run to a laundromat?

I don’t know if there’s one around here. And even then we have CONSTANT laundry. Like we have to wash clothes daily cause brother often messes/switches his clothes, or they just somehow get dirty. This is another lifeline of ours and we need it so badly

now the washer is acting up. like it has acted up before, with constantly pausing without finishing, but now it’s a new kind of act up

it’s constantly spraying out water now. even when it’s not supposed to be or when it’s off, it’s spraying water.

well, this has happened before but now it’s acting up again and it has my anxiety flared up cause god DAMN we need clean clothes too

also isn’t helped my blanket that i need to sleep with just got dirty again thanks to brother, but i can’t wash it cause FUCKING MACHINE

everything has gone to shit i feel so garbage

the milk tastes awkward. i don’t know if that’s from the water or if i’m just imagining it from anxiety

i hate this so much

I’m gonna use a cup from the dishwasher. We ran the dishwasher once today and the dishes don’t look like they collected particles or dirty water. But still really nervous, bleh

I hope I don’t get sick from this

My hands feel much cleaner after that mud got cleared out. don’t feel gritty anymore.

I’m scared to use the dishwasher though cause of how it no doubt needs to get flushed out too, but flushing that out is just. How do you fucking do that.

Like with the washer, we just disconnected the hoses, got a bucket, and turned them on to flush them out. But I doubt that a dishwasher has hoses, so how the hell??? I think tomorrow dad might do it, but I’m scared still.

we just had to work on flushing out the washing machine of muddied water. buckets of water that was just bleh. we couldn’t even really get it all out, we got it as clear as we could really

and when dad unscrewed the sink faucet in the bathroom, so much mud came rushing out that was trapped behind the faucet. or well, dirty water anyway. it really grossed me out cause like, i’ve been washing my hands there

though i guess that explains why my hands still feel grimy after the wash. i hate this so much


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what are they expecting the actor to say?????? i’T S SO HARd it hurts my bIG HETerOSEXUal EGO i have to think about sTRAIGHT thoughts for days after just to get the gaY OUT of mY little HETERO head 

I’m legit unsure if the water is back to normal or not

Cause like, basing it off of memories, there were times when before the water broke I’d see particles in the water. Mostly only when I would get a cup of water to warm up for grandma’s tea, sometimes it would just completely fill the bottom up. Most of the time it was only tiny bits though.

And the water always tasted like iron to me. We have a well and all, and I think grandma mentioned they didn’t drill it deep enough so there’s still like iron and shit in it to give it a bad taste. Like I literally can’t drink it if it doesn’t have flavoring, it will make me vomit in minutes. And even with flavoring it makes me feel so ill.

So I dunno if the particles being so few but still present is to be expected due to the well, and that the iron smell/taste is just an effect of poor drilling down.

As long as I can bathe and clean in it, I’m fine. I just won’t ever drink it, not even if cases where we have nothing to drink. Okay, well maybe if it goes that far, but we almost always have bottled water around